About Us

Stillwater MX is a motocross track in Redding, located at 6751 Old Oregon Trail. We hold  practice days and Race Events.

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Thank you to all the businesses and people who came together to help us get a Moto Track back in Northern California!

The Vision

We had a plan to bring Motocross back to Redding for our Northern California Community. We have finally been approved! Lets Go!

Ground Break

When we got the go ahead to start moving some dirt, we brought in the heavy equipment and broke ground, Friday May 7th 2021.

The Track

Fully prepped track with scheduled practice days and events. Respect our rules, and other riders. Have a good time and Let's Moto!

Follow Us

Opening Day was held on June 12th 2021

We had over 600 people show up!

Thank you for all the support!